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april showers bring may flowers

Happy Monday friends! Today I'm sharing a few ways to spruce up your front porch for spring! My mom and I went to Home Depot and got the supplies we needed! 

We got gerbera daisies and plenty of potting mix!
Mom let me pick the colors so of course, I went with pink and a lovely shade of orange!
Another great plant to have is a fern since they add just the right amount of greenery to your front porch! Can't forget the adorable "Home Sweet Home" welcome mat! Mom found it at our Dollar General just down the road, and it is the perfect pop of color to the front porch!
Next, we have my asiatic lilly. There is actually an interesting story to how I got this flower! My mom told me about Lowe's having a promo in which you text the word SPRING to a number, and they'll send you a gift card! Well I decided to try it out, and ended up getting a $10 gift card! Now, it was a Saturday, and I wasn't expecting to go to Lowe's because the closest one is 30 minutes awa…

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